Wednesday, April 23, 2008


liberty square.
my huge crush on...well, you know.
sophomore year.

I am happy, sad and just sooo exhausted because I spent five HOURS cleaning the bathroom.

Jameson quotes, "take a number because everyone has a crush on me."

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

oh geezzzz

I've got the gift of one liners
And you've got the curse of curves
And with this gift I compose words
And the question that comes forward
Are you perspiring from the irony
Or sweating to these lyrics
And this just in
You're a dead fit
But my wit won't allow it
The inside lingo had me at hello
And we go where the money goes
The inside lingo had me at hello
And we go where the money goes

I want someone provocative and talkative
But it's so hard when you're shallow as a shower
And from what I've heard with skin you'll win
Her bone structure screams"Touch her! Touch her!"

And she's got the curse of curves
So with the combination of my gift with one liners
And my wayMy way with words
It seems I'm too hip to keep tight lipped
And you're on the gossip team
You're making something out of nothing
And jealousy's the cousin, the cousin of greed

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Love Them

okay here are my lovely roomates. sometimes we take pictures of each other. usually we are together, but today was SOLO SHOT!

sorry that they are rotated, i am not sure how to fix this? anyways. yay for creepy roomates!

Freak lots of snow!

WOW! the snow is out of control here. it has basically been snowing non stop for almost 12 hours now, althought constant flurries is probably more accurate than actually snowing. We got out basketball team today, and I survived my second day of social inquiry! IROCKDIVA!